The List

Learn how to reupholster furniture

Go to Istanbul

Take a road trip to another state

See the grand canyon and stay in one of those expensive eco-hotels in the south west somewhere

Dine at The French Laundry

Experience a natural hot spring

Grow food

Make candles in old pretty tins

Don’t use the car to get to work for 30 days

Have a friend-family holiday

Weigh 140

Have a baby or adopt

Give $1,000 to a gay rights charity/group

Never stop doing my scrapbooks

Delete my facebook account —–> Changed to: Take a two week vacation from facebook

Start a blog

Perform something pre-rehearsed for a live audience

Start a dance project of some kind

Re-open my personal savings account

Visit friends in NYC

Make my own yogurt

Try 100 new beers

Ride a horse (again)

Completely make up a recipe and serve it to friends

Read one game of thrones novel

Write a book

Make more than 50k in a year

Live on a vineyard or a farm

Greek dance at a festival

Try out vegetarianism for at least 2 months

Have my home or a creation of mine featured on AT (again)

Wear red pumps

Learn to drive a stick shift

Take a picture of every single thing I love in SF

Visit every continent (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceana, Antarctica)

Attend Burning Man

Climb a mountain, bottom to top

Go to an event where I have to wear a formal gown

run at least a 5k

Go to the Ballet (besides the Nutcracker)

Hike through a jungle with my love

Find a hidden talent

Have a completely gift-free Christmas

Frame the prints I buy, like an adult would do

Throw someone a surprise party

Get my health in order

Go backpack-camping

Meet a tourist in my town and invite them to come along for something fun

Read all the Harry Potter books in a row

Figure out my exact ethnic make-up. In percentages

Win a contest

Go to Grad School.

Face a fear.

Learn CPR

Spin fire poi.

Be featured on NPR’s local perspectives segment.

15 Responses to The List


    O.K. You’ve inspired me! I’m 74 so I’d better get going on my list. Number 1 will be restarting MY blog and number 2 will be helping you to find your favorite beer. 🙂 Hiking on Mt. Tam is fantastic, especially Steep Ravine. Let’s do it together sometime! See you on Christmas Eve! Love, Barb

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  5. Melinda says:

    LOVE your list!

  6. Sosha says:

    Ah! Fantastic list! Especially ones to grow food, Perform something pre-rehearsed for a live audience, running a marathon… Super!
    And as far as the last one goes, you can show me around your town when I visit!
    Good luck with crossing all items off!


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  14. Steve says:

    That is a unique list. Even if you don’t do all of those things at least you will have your own identity.

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