Women’s March: Continuing the work against TRUMP

Yesterday I participated in the largest one-day protest in US history: nearly 4 million people from Washington D.C. to Nashville to L.A. to London marched in protest against Trump and his incoming administration .Despite being under the weather, I dragged myself out of my power-outtaged cabin in stormy Mendocino, and headed to the Women’s March in Oakland. I made a sign, so did my friends, and also nearly 100,000 other Oaklanders.




I brought my tambourine and marched, surrounded by fierce females and friends. I felt with every step I was able to shed a layer of anger and set it to motion towards action. I marched for people of all colors, ages, genders and orientations that are oppressed and marginalized by the outdated, conservative, racist, and sexist regime that has taken hold of our country.

Not only was I marching against the ignorant fascism that has taken over, but on a personal note, I marched also against Toxic Masculinity. I have suffered at the hands of narcissistic men that believe they can control and overpower those around them for their own gain, and I refuse to be a victim of that any longer.

I am still a novice at being a proactive activist. But I’m trying. I’m making phone calls, I’m donating money, I’m reading, I’m learning about privilege and locating my humility, and, of course, marching – all for causes and people and groups I believe in. Now is the time to rise up. And if you don’t know how, the internet is a lovely place that can help you learn. Join me.

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4 Responses to Women’s March: Continuing the work against TRUMP

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    The smart women had their “women’s march” on November 8 when we marched ourselves into the voters booth and voted for Trump ✌

    • spiralcma says:

      oh, dear….

    • Amber says:

      Love you.

      And dear hocuspocus13, I don’t know who you are but the magic is lost on so many of us. Women who march into a. Outing booth for such intense disrespect for so many humans on so many levels have a deep and painful internalized ism that will take some reflection and inward focus to understand and transform. May god bless you and the universe hold you on that journey.

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