International Women’s Day: Three musicians inspiring me today

Here are the three songs that inspire me right now. Sometimes you need your ladies behind you to get you out of bad situations – or in my case, a very toxic relationship. We’ve got Era Istrefi, Janet Jackson, and of course, Beyonce.

Era Istrefi’s video is very simple yet RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. She’s kinda the Rihanna of Albania in my opinion, and I am completely obsessed. I didn’t even have to know the lyrics to feel it’s a message of lady-empowerment. I’ve pasted below some of the lyric highlights, translated into english:

I’m Era and my time’s coming..
If you don’t love me
then I’ll love myself
I don’t need you heeeyo
I can have fun by myself
You can’t put me down, I’m here
You can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t do it do it
It’s okay okay, even if it’s not okay
You’re the king as long as I say so


We don’t hear from each other anymore, don’t need you at all
When I do,you’re not here anymore
You used me
Dammit dammit whatever
Gonna be alright
I told you that once you mess it with me, it’s over
Many chances no more
Cause when you cool it once, I don’t heat it anymore




This Janet Jackson song is my JAM right now. The lyrics sum up perfectly how I feel about my singlehood. Here’s the lyrics. #byefelicia


And, of course, Beyonce’s Formation. Because even though this video isn’t really meant for me, I can still say fuck your violent white male privilege, and mean it.



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