Dance Project: The Emotional Dance Challenge

Several years ago, when I started this blog, I had on my life list that I wanted to create a dance project. Dance has always been something important to me despite never really learning how to dance in any formal kind of way. When I said I wanted to create a dance project all those years ago, I had in mind running a brick and mortar space where “dance class” would actually just be free-form-sweat-it-out-however-you-wanted class. This task became too cumbersome after starting the Kafe and I abandoned it.

However, since then I have still held on to dance. It seems whenever I’m going through a tough time or having a particularly hard day, I find myself dancing alone in my house to really emotional songs. Sometimes I cry when I’m dancing, sometimes I laugh til I cry. But either way, I was having this rich emotional, physical experience that I couldn’t access in any other way. And when I was done, sweat-dripping and tears streaming, I always felt better. Like I had not just exercised but also exorcised some deep emotional stuff. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

After dancing in my apartment the other night after a rough day, I thought, this should be my dance project. I should dance like this not only when I’m having a hard day but every day. I could dance out the pent up emotions of traffic, and my job, and everything else that piles up inside us every day. It will help me get back in touch with my body, my emotions, my deep, true self….and perhaps some new music 🙂

And so I announce my dance project: I will emotionally dance my heart out to one song every single day for 30 days. And I’m going to start today. I’ll post the song I dance to every day here on my blog. Today’s is below.

This is Audra Mae singing The Fable. I highly recommend listening to this song on headphones, loud.

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