Grow food!

I finally succeeded at making food grow! I am so proud!

So in April I planted some seeds: cucumbers, a tomato plant, green onions and squash. The cucumbers took perfectly, the tomato plant is just starting to flourish, the green onions totally died, and the squash’s first blossom wasn’t pollinated (lack of bees in West Oakland) but had a second round of blossoms that took.

Here’s me watering the freshly planted seeds:

Here are my beautiful cucumbers:

The squash blossoms:

Squash blossoms from my garden! #Oakland #gardening

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So all I’ve eaten so far from the garden are my cucumbers. But let me tell you, after wanting a garden for years and finally making one work, those were the best damn cucumbers I’ve ever eaten. Just magical. It seems appropriate that cucumbers were the first ever veggie I liked and they are the first I ever grew myself.

Now that I’ve gotten a better handle on gardening, I hope to improve every season. It’s empowering to see something go from a tiny little seed to something I’m making for dinner.

Dinner with my garden's tiny harvest! #gardening #oakland #blogpreview

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It’s wonderful.

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