Back on (off?) the Wagon: Beers #57-65

As I wrote earlier, I took what ended up being an 11-week break from alcohol. I really enjoyed it. I added a lot of non-alcoholic beers to my list of trying 100 new beers, and learned that non-alcoholic beers definitely have a place in my life even when I’m not taking a break from booze (I can drink beer all day on a sunday and still drive home and/or be productive? Yes, please…).

But since then I have picked up my regular beer adventures again, and found some gems. Here’s a list of beers #57-65.

57: Trader Joe’s Providential Belgian Style Golden Ale


A fantastic substitute for my favorite beer, Leffe. It’s cheaper than Leffe, and sweet and light and everything I love about golden Belgians. In fact it is made by Unibroue, a Belgian-style brewery in Quebec that also brews #’s 59 and 60, below.

58: St George Lager Beer


Michael and I had a date night out in Oakland and feasted on some amazing Ethiopian food. Of course we chose the Ethiopian beer, and Michael deemed it to taste just like a Japanese Lager, but just a little bit sweeter at the end. I agree completely. Furthermore, Michael would like me to add that he was disappointed that it was not a full 5% but merely 4.75%.

59 and 60: La Fin du Monde and Trois Pistoles

At my new favorite restaurant, MUA, I ordered La Fin du Monde but received a Trois Pistoles by mistake. They are both Belgians made by the same brewery. Both with bad-ass sci-fi-fantasy-looking labels that sadly you can’t really see in the pictures- but they have dragons and fire-y canyons and all that nerd stuff on them. Naturally, Michael loved them. The waitress ended up bringing me what I originally ordered once I pointed out the mistake, so I ended up having both. Coincidentally, I enjoyed the wrong beer more. It was sweeter and richer. I think I like my beer like I like my coffee: sweet, rich, malty, and chocolate-y. I know hoppy is all the rage, but I’ll take a sweet Belgian over an IPA aaaaaany day.

61: Erdinger  Non- Alcoholic beer


Because I still like drinking NA bevs, I picked this one out another time I was at MUA several weeks ago. I honestly don’t remember what it was like but I know I didn’t hate it! What an awful review, ha.

62-65: A Belgian beer flight!


So here I am, sitting at a brewery on my laptop writing this blog while michael watches the Giants play in Game 2 of the NLDS (I don’t really know what that is but apparently that’s what it’s called). I am sipping on a Belgian beer flight (are you seeing a beer style theme for this post?), and they are all so delicious. I’m at Pacific Coast Brew-Co. in downtown Oakland, and I am trying four of their beers. From left to right:

North Coast Brother Thelonious, Lucky Devil Aleister Abbey, Ommegang Fleur de Houblon, Pacific Coast Fall Harvest Saison.

Those names are serious mouthfuls. Jesus. But my favorite? The darkest– Thelonious, named after the jazz master Thelonious Monk. The menu describes it as a “rich and robust” belgian-style dark ale. It was not too sweet, but I loved it all the same.

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