My time suck: Grad school update

I have done precisely diddly-squat for my blog this semester but I’m ok with that. Two years ago I wrote a post about entering grad school. At the time I was over-the-moon excited to dive into all the work. But I also posted a picture predicting how I might feel in two years about being in grad school:





This is shockingly accurate.

Things have been totally nuts over here in House Domezio this semester. My school ramped up, I had to go through an involved process to apply for an internship, a very close family member was going through a felony trial, my mother’s husband quite tragically passed away, and Michael’s dad had a heart attack followed by surgery and he and michael’s sister stayed with us prior to his surgery here in SF. Not to mention huge changes have happened in my friend-family that have rocked me. Oh and on top of all that, Michael and I had our car stolen twice, and we bought a friggin’ market. To put it clinically, shit has been hella cray, yo.

It was hard as hell, but it’s ok now. I knew school was going to be a huge challenge, and I’m still so happy I’m in this counseling program. I’ve changed a lot since I started. I’ve never felt so confident. So grounded. So validated. It’s like my heart and my brain and my motivation all clicked into place with one another and I became a complete person. I’ve been so inspired and happy to dive into this world of emotions and thoughts and positive action– while this ‘entering grad school’ life list item has gobbled up a lot of my time and made it difficult to do other life list items, I would not trade it for all of the awesome stuff I have on this list. I’ve created a foundation for myself on top of which I can now build this life I’ve always wanted.

I figured out where I am doing my traineeship, my family stuff has calmed, our Market is getting closer to being what we want it to be, and things are settling down a bit now. Keep your eyes peeled for more frequent posts and exciting new life list items on the horizon….


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One Response to My time suck: Grad school update

  1. Barbara Rutner says:

    You are one amazing woman!! And to think that, not long ago, you we’re wondering when you were going to become an adult!! I think you’ve made it! 🙂
    Love, Grandma Barbara

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