Road Trip! Oregon Coast Edition.

Some of my life list items are placed on my list for my own good, like getting my wisdom teeth removed, or running a 5k. Good-for-me, gatta-do stuff. The rest of my life list items are for the other part of life– enjoyment, excitement, exploration, FUN. My most recent life list item to be crossed off the list is for the latter.

Go on an out-of-state road trip!  CHECK!

In March, over my spring break, I went on a 5 day road trip up to the Oregon coast with my good friends Blake, Priscilla and Jason. I had taken plenty of tiny little road trips within California, like when I camped in Joshua Tree alone or headed up to Tahoe. But I had never gone out of state. When Priscilla came up with the idea of heading to Oregon over spring break, it was a no-brainer HELLYES from me.

Priscilla put together our whole entire trip in one night. The plan? Five days on the road, staying in motherfucking yurts all along the Oregon coast, with one night in an airbnb apartment in Portland. Awesome.

They picked me up at 5am on a friday, and we were off.

My view for most of the drive

My view for most of the drive

We passed Mount Shasta:


Right about here is where I realized I left one of my bags at home. TYPICAL. Fucking typical. The bag that had my one pair of jeans, my warm hat, my gloves and armsocks, my books, journal, earbuds, sunglasses and WALLET. Yup, basically everything. I am officially the worst packer ever as it is, and then I forgot an entire bag. I fumed for like twenty minutes but the gang pulled me together. This was going to be a real adventure now. I had to detach from my things and appreciate the time with my friends and these new experiences waaaaay outside my comfort zone.


We got up to Oregon that day, and stayed in the most adorable little camp grounds in the most AWESOMEST yurt possible. Well, actually, every yurt looks the same but since this was the first one I had ever seen it was especially adorable.




These campgrounds were amazing. Right on a little creek, with a playground and a discgolf course.



Hilariously enough, when we unpacked this evening and I opened the one bag I did bring, I saw that my hair stuff had exploded and got everything soaking, dripping, sticky wet and awful. I seriously always do this. My god, this trip was going to be a challenge.

This is me dressed in other people’s stuff, enjoying the simple things I did have! A cup of coffee and a beautiful view from your yurt can make anyone forget their troubles.


Me and my cuppajoe the next morning behind the yurt

Next stop was Portland. We had an airbnb apartment waiting for us, and an evening with Blake’s family too. (I wrote about them a little on my last beer post here. tl;dr: they are my heroes and I want to be them when I grow up.)

We had a great time in Portland. I bought myself some new purple armsocks, I visited a homesteading store and saw some chickens (omg, sooooo portland….) and  had a super fun night with the gang.

Us in Dan's Apartment

Us in Dan’s Apartment

Why is there a frozen Kenny in his freezer? So we would make an "oh my god, he killed Kenny!" joke? Possibly.

Why is there a frozen Kenny in his freezer? So we would make an “oh my god, he killed Kenny!” joke? Possibly.



From here, I’ve actually forgotten the chronology of the journey. So I’m going to give you some highlights from the trip:

Epic bloody mary with bacon in it.


We got to drive on the Beach! We decided to write Jason’s name in the sand with the car…. and only succeeded in doing so because of Jason’s supreme car maneuvering skills and his knack for cursive. Why oh why didn’t I get a picture of that?! Well, here’s us parked next to a shipwreck:



On our way down from Astoria, we passed through dozens of tiny little coastal towns that reminded me of the travel sections in Sunset magazine. So picturesque, so quaint, so exactly what I imagined the Oregon coast to look like. Sadly, the only picture I really got that captures that mood is this house that I wish I lived in:


The best part about road trips, in my opinion, in being on the road. I love moving, I love being in the car or on trains or anything in motion. I love maps and tracking where I am. We all did.

522084_10102018767450653_272742234_n (1)


Road trips are fun because they leave room for spontaneity, like when you see a gigantic T-Rex on the side of the road and everyone screams “pull over! pull over!” because you simply must understand what the hell that is about.


And how could we forget porch breakfast? Priscilla, our road trip master chef, made us breakfast on the yurt porch the morning that Oregon finally decided to rain.


I didn’t get a picture of it, but there was one evening where Jason suggested we all take a hike up behind our yurt in the night’s bright moonlight. We found a small gulch, and we all laid down on the soft mossy ground and stared up at the stars between the trees. That dark silence, the slight breeze moving the trees around us…it was so beautiful and magical, I will never forget it.

I won’t really be able to put it all into words, but the trip was powerful for me. I usually travel alone, so I didn’t really know that friendships can grow and deepen so much on these kinds of journeys. We laughed, we cried, we fought, we sang, we danced, we overcame obstacles together, and I am so grateful for every minute of it. The intense times, the chill times, I really loved it all.

Thank you Priscilla for being the perfect trip planner and camp Mom. Thank you Jason for bringing me out of my “BUT I HAVE NO STUFF” funk and being my buddy. Thank you Blake for being your awesome, entertaining, lovely self and letting me do some crosswords alone first 🙂

Love you guys.


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4 Responses to Road Trip! Oregon Coast Edition.

  1. outdoorcanvas says:

    Now that looks like fun! Good friends and just seeing stuff & living. Gotta try the yurt camping. Been meaning to for several years. Maybe I should make a life list??? 🙂

    • spiralcma says:

      Yurts are the best and not too expensive either! I highly recommend. Along with life lists too! Having things down on paper really forces you to do stuff 🙂

  2. Grandma Barbara says:

    Thanks for a great vicarious trip!!! Barb

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