Framing things, like an adult would do! (Plus my sweet new beer poster!)

Nearly every teenage bedroom and college dorm has posters taped up to the walls. Try to imagine a Scarface poster nicely framed and hung on the exposed brick of a college dorm, and you just can’t picture it. I am still in that phase. At least I was until this past week.

I added “Frame my prints, like an adult would do” to my life list about a year ago. I have a big beautiful apartment and I haven’t hung anything up. It’s a damn shame too because I’ve collected some cool stuff to frame over the years, but something always gets in the way of me actually getting it up on the walls. As soon as I attempt to start the framing process, my brain starts chattering away at me, Eh, frames cost money… You’ll have to put holes in the walls…may as well just not do it, yeah, the walls are fine empty….

I decided to just quit that cycle, and get going on this project. I took a friend who has framed and hung lots of things in his house with me to Cheap Pete’s on Geary which, in my opinion, is the fucking bomb because they have this wonderful little corner they call the bargain bin. I bought a nice gold frame for ten bucks! Just my style. If you buy from the bargain bin, and then mat and frame it all yourself instead of having them do it for you, you can save a boatload of money.

So over the last week I framed and hung a TON of stuff around the house. My house is feeling warmer and more beautiful than I could have imagined! Here are some shots of the process and finished product:

photoThis one’s in the bedroom, and by far my favorite framed piece. I got this print from a 2003 art nouveau calendar for one buck at SCRAP.  It’s a beautiful jewel of a framed print, so I put it right by my bed so I could stare at it:



Here are a few from the living room:



P’s beautiful puzzle and postcard from Sierra

And here’s my favorite room so far, the kitchen. I have had the most AWESOME poster ever, sitting unframed under by bed for a year. Now it’s framed and hung, and it’s a beer chart!


Because my iPhone camera can’t do this amazing poster justice, here is a better picture of it from Pop Chart Lab:


It’s basically a chart of all the types beers that exist, how they’re related, and what glass to use with what beer. I love it.

So there you have it! I have more framing to do, but now that I have done the process once and learned that you can still do it in a “bargain” kind of way, and that putting holes in your walls is not so scary after all, I have a feeling framing things won’t be quite as daunting as it has been all this time. One small step into adulthood I go!

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3 Responses to Framing things, like an adult would do! (Plus my sweet new beer poster!)

  1. Grandma Barbara says:

    Now that’s impressive!!! Nice goin’ granddaughter. 🙂 Grandma B

  2. Aunt Deb says:

    I’m 55 and still trying to do what you’ve just done. Great job!!

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