Successes and Failures in Adulthood

I’m on school break! Blog time, yeah!

I see this blog of 100 things I want to do before I die as a living document of my experience stumbling my way into this moving target of a phase they call “adulthood.” So today I am going to share with you some successes and failures I’ve had recently in being an adult.

Failure #1. I have so many awesome artwork prints that I have bought over the last ten years, yet I have not framed a single one. That is what lead me to add “Frame my prints, like an adult would do” to my life-list. So, as I have done several times before, today I went into a frame store, got super overwhelmed with choices and decisions to make, and I left without buying anything. GAH. What is wrong with me? I have a mental block on buying frames. I have this one hella cool ‘beers of the world’ graphic poster that I have been wanting to show you guys but I want it framed first and I just can’t bring myself to navigate the frame buying process. Why is this so hard? The sizing, the mats, the stud finding and wall destroying – apparently it’s just all too much for me. Help.

Failure #2. I laughed at this penis-man Michael made out of the Settlers of Catan pieces.


I think that makes us both failures at being adults, but whatevs, it was funny.

Failure #3. I cannot seem to set up a personal savings account. This is something all responsible adults have and I can’t do it. It’s not because I don’t save money. I literally went shopping for new clothes for the first time in FOUR YEARS last month. It’s not a spending problem I have, it’s more of a “money ignoring” problem. I just kinda pretend it doesn’t exist. The strange thing is, I am totally adult and responsible about my Kafe and IT has a savings account– but I just don’t do these things for myself.

Failure #4. Children. I go so back and forth between wanting little Michael/Christinas running around the house, and feeling like that’s the most absurd idea ever. I was kinda half planning on starting to have kids around this age…but I get scared and put it off a year or two more every time I think about it. A lot of people say they don’t feel like adults until they have kids….so maybe I’m still not an adult?

Ok…now for some successes….

Success #1. This first one is more of an over-coming of a previous adulthood failure. My friend Sierra accidentally left a pair of wool socks at my house eight years ago. I adopted them and they have been my only pair of over-the-ankle socks for these last eight years. I literally wear them over my tights and under my boots It’s gross. They practically have zero wool left on the bottoms of them. So, today I went to target and actually bought several pairs of cute socks!

photo-1I consider this an adult success because 1: I have been meaning to do this task since I was 22 and obviously it wasn’t supposed to happen until I became an adult; 2: I went to target for socks, and I succeeded at buying them even though they were considerably less cute than the sequin skirt that I tried on and looked super cute in and wanted to buy really badly (but seriously didn’t need.) and 3: because I actually bought something rather than collecting that something from what people have randomly left at my house and failed to collect.

Success #2. I finished my first semester of grad school! It was HARD WORK. Running the Kafe and doing school work– it was crazi-zani-ness. For example: I scheduled precisely three hours to read three chapters in my text-book one Wednesday morning before class. I had to do this reading before that class, but the kafe’s main competitor flooded with sewage so the town all came to us instead and we were thusly hella busy and we literally ran out of a week’s worth of quarters, whole milk, half and half, and tea bags in ONE MORNING. So who has to go running all around town, buying these things during that three hours I was supposed to read three chapters? Me!

But heck, I got it all done– the crazy kafe purchasing and hiring and art show setting up AND all my schoolwork. I feel pretty awesome juggling all my responsibilities and since I’ve heard the words “juggling responsibilities” come out of more adults’ mouths than I can count, I think this was officially a successful adult moment. Yeah.

Success #3. We’ve already covered this one, but it was a biggie: I got my wisdom teeth removed!

Success #4. This is going to seem like nothing to you guys, but, I BOUGHT BLUSH. This is something I wear every single day and, much like my sock acquiring habits, I have never bought my own– I’ve just used ones that my sister has left in my car or a friend left at my house when getting ready for Halloween. Not to mention, I will use the blush down until it’s merely a residual dusting on my vanity countertop and then I will use that. I can’t believe I admit these things on the internet, but there you have it. Grossness, overcome.

Success #5. Dairy makes me get sick so I actually stopped drinking it. Seems simple enough and yet, all these years I knew this and I still wanted those cappuccinos and lattes like everyone else and suffered the awful punishment of repeated bouts of bronchitis and sinusitis. But no longer because I’m an adult and take care of myself!

Success #6. I know most people don’t really consider this part of “adulthood,” but considering my social awkwardness growing up and literally not being able to make a single friend in college – I have decided that my current ability to create and maintain deep and satisfying friendships is part of my own personal journey into this fun and confident adulthood. I’ve grown out of being a socially inept person and turned into a normal person who thrives off my relationships.

Thanks for making this year awesome, my loves! From emoticon Fridays, to cuddle cloud kingdom, to weddings of loved ones and costume parties– you guys all make my almost-adulthood worth every glorious minute.





❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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