Beer #31 and Tortilla Soup

Hey Friends! So the story is I basically have zero time for anything these days. Grad school plus relationships plus a kafe to run means Christina barely has time to breathe. I have to figure out how to slide in blog stuffs when I can. When I decided to make some tortilla soup tonight, I thought that was the perfect slot to fit in some more beers to inch me ever closer to 100. Gatta keep working through that list, yo!

I came home from work and started making Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Tortilla Soup in time for when Michael got home from his work trip. I put on my friend Kato a.k.a. DJ Wolf Princess’s spotify mix of awesomeness (90’s Mariah Carey remixes and MC Solar? Yes please…) and cracked open Triple Voodoo’s Inception Belgian Style Ale.

The beer was a total impulse buy at the checkout lane at Faletti’s when I was getting the stuffs for the soup. But what luck–this beer is so meant for me and my taste buds. It is everything I love about Belgian Ales: it’s malty, it’s bright, it’s thick and full of rich yumminess. I loves it!

And now I’m back to putting my nose in the books…..’til next time y’all!

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2 Responses to Beer #31 and Tortilla Soup

  1. rachel says:

    omg pioneer woman is SO GOOD. Love that blog.

  2. Grandma Barbara says:

    I gotta try that Triple Voodoo stuff!

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