Going To Grad School – Check!

I graduated in ’06 from USF with a BA in Communications. I didn’t feel the desire to go to grad school right away even though my professors strongly encouraged me to do so. When I graduated, I just wanted to be out of academia, in the work force, and paving my own way. I felt like I needed to get out of my head, out of my brain, and into doing things. Plus, I thought going to grad school meant only a future of being a professor in whatever subject I decided to pursue. I dislike teaching more than anything, so it didn’t seem like a good fit for me.

Over the last five or so years I’ve been out of school, I have been doing stuff, and I have accomplished a few things that I feel pretty damn good about: getting married, owning and running a successful small business, finding hobbies, and creating a very vibrant social life in this beautiful city. I think that with this satisfaction-of-life under my belt, I was able to see my future a little more clearly. A while back, I wrote a post about being an adult and how I craved it. Part of being an adult, I felt, was figuring out what I was going to do for a living. For a career. Not “what am I going to do to make rent this month?” but instead, “what can I do in my life that will be both satisfying for my soul and will create a financially stable lifestyle for the family I am going to make?”

The answer to this question, once I decided to think about it, was surprisingly obvious. I wanted to be a therapist. I have always been so drawn to human behavior, the internal, the mind, the soul, the life, the feeling, the helping, the healing–that it was really a no-brainer. Plus? Getting a masters in counseling didn’t mean I had to teach it, I could *be* it. That very much appealed to me.

So in February I turned in an application in to the Masters of Counseling Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy) program at USF, and after getting wait-listed in May, managed to get accepted and slip in to the program about two weeks before it started. Success!!

Classes started last monday and, being back in the academic world, I am feeling like a kid in a candy store. I forgot how much I loved this stuff.

I giddily bought my books with a stupidly huge smile even though I was handing over practically a month’s worth of cafe profits for them. I just feel so READY. I feel ready to absorb knowledge and experience. I feel ready to make connections and create this life for myself. I feel ready to abandon my fears of committing to a future path, and head into this profession with confidence and excitement.

Sure, I’m acquiring a BOATLOAD of debt for this and eventually my glee of books and knowledge will wear off and I’ll feel more like this about grad school:


But hell, I’m ready for that too. Bring it on, yo!

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4 Responses to Going To Grad School – Check!

  1. staceyleach47@yahoo.com says:

    Chrissy…. I could not expect anything less from you! You are MY inspiration! I love you baby girl…. I love you!

  2. Grandma Barbara says:

    Grandpa and I are thrilled for you and so proud of your many accomplishments! The best is yet to come!!!! XOXOXO

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