Experience a Natural Hot Spring: Check!

For my 29th birthday, Michael and I decided to take a camping trip instead of throwing a party. I have been feeling somewhat quiet and reflective since the scooter accident I had a few weeks back, so this seemed to be a perfect way to celebrate my last birthday in my 20’s.

Experiencing a natural hot spring is one of the life list items I’ve been looking forward to the most, and I knew this camping trip would be a perfect opportunity to squeeze it in. SO… I created a whole trip around these hot springs I had heard about that were out past Yosemite.

The trip was amazing, and the hot springs were definitely a highlight. We were just about 30 miles north of Mono Lake. Getting to the hot springs was….interesting. I printed out the “secret” directions I found online, which consisted of things like “turn at the third unmarked gravel road” and whatnot. We took a wrong turn at one point, looked around and saw that we were surrounded by shattered clay pidgeons….meaning we were driving through a shooting range. Oops! We backed outta that one, and ten minutes and three gutted dirt roads later we found ourselves at the hot springs.

Michael had never been in a hot spring either, so this was a pretty exciting adventure for us both. Michael, being the careful man that he is, was tiny bit skeptical and got in pretty slowly. There were strange kombucha-mother-looking things floating around in it, but I just hopped right in anyway. The pools were a perfect temperature, but the water coming off the rocks were HOT. I stuck my toes under them to stay warmer 🙂

Relaxing in a hot spring overlooking the sierras and just being calm and quiet was a perfect way to spend a post-5-mile-hike afternoon. Being out of the urban environment cleans my soul. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed and all romantic and in love with Michael. I even made him a heart out of the clay from the spring:

This was a great life list item. Aaaahhhhhhhh…….

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One Response to Experience a Natural Hot Spring: Check!

  1. Aunt Deb says:

    How wonderful!

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