Getting my health in order: It’s wisdom teeth go time

You guys may remember a while back I was training to run a 5k, but I got sick too many times and had to keep starting over. At that point I decided there were too many things on my life list that I wasn’t going to be able to do unless I got my health in order.

So over the past year I have been changing a lot in my lifestyle to do just that. I finally got a doctor and health insurance, I started watching what I ate Ayurveda style, I learned that I need to deal with my stress, I started using goat’s milk in my coffee instead of cow’s milk (it works wonders!), and last week I started the journey of getting my wisdom teeth out.

Here’s the story about my wisdom teeth: They came in when I was 14 (that’s 14 years ago!) and for the first few years they were in, it was super painful. But I refused to get them taken out because I am scared to death of surgery. Like pass-out-just-thinking-about-it kind of scared. But because they stopped hurting when I was about 20, I decided to ignore them and hope for the best.

But, some people in my life believe these stupid unnecessary teeth are actually a root cause in my always getting sick. I don’t know if that’s true, but at this point, it’s worth taking them out just to see.

Last week I went to an oral surgeon to have a consultation about the surgery. It’s a super fancy office in union square. They put me in my room and told me to watch this video they had cued up before the doctor came in. The movie was just a legal formality – they have to tell you everything that could go wrong in the surgery.

So I watched it. And I hysterically cried through the whole thing. Did you know wisdom tooth extraction CAN BE FATAL? They told you that no less than three different times. Oh, and also? You can lose feeling in your lower lips and chin, or you can lose the ability to taste, or your sinuses could start draining through your old teeth holes into your mouth (EW), and so on and so forth…. WHY do they have to tell us all this? And with graphics no less? Can’t I just go into this surgery dumb and numb?

After the movie, the doc came in and could tell I had been a bit hysterical. He talked me through everything. We literally sat together for an hour and a half, talking. He was kind and informative and sympathetic to my fear of going under. (I love him.)

So I’m going for it. All four teeth are coming out. Even if it doesn’t make my getting sick all the time stop, it will make my teeth better in the future. Unfortunately, waiting 14 years took it’s toll and the surgery will be a little more extensive than it could have been (I will have cow bone IN MY FACE). But at least, if I do die in the surgery, I’ve done a lot of cool things since I was 14. I traveled to like 20 countries, I’ve run a business, I’ve found my wonderful love… I’m pretty happy with my life. I know it seems extreme, but I have to tell myself these things so that I’m not scared of dying. (Note: I can’t believe people have elective surgery! This shit is so scary!)

The surgery won’t be for several weeks. But when it happens, I’m officially crossing “Get my health in order” off the list. I cannot wait for that day.

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2 Responses to Getting my health in order: It’s wisdom teeth go time

  1. Stacey Leach says:

    Kudos to you babygirl! I have been putting off this same thing… But for me….. 38 years… You are smart to get it done early(ier)…. You WILL NOT DIE, i promise…. But you may feel otherwise
    during your recovery….. I with you girl…. My surgery is gonna be in June…. Here’s to us!! grrrrr

  2. Aryanna Wetteland says:

    I had it done and I know its scary! The worst part is right before you start, just getting all worked up about it. I know you can do it and wisdom teeth extraction now is far better than ten years from now 🙂 I knew a teacher who had it done at age 50 because of complications but she is fine now… just had chipmunk cheeks for about a week 🙂

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