The accidental beers: #18-23

I’ve been a bit unorganized about 100 new beers challenge list lately. I used to be all plan-y about it. But these days, this is how beers are getting added to my list:

Someone in the room: “Hey y’all. I’m walking to the store and getting beers. Be back in a sec.”

(They return. Crack one open for me. Hand it over. I take a sip, look at the label.)

Me: Shit, I’ve never had this before. Quick, someone with a camera on their phone! Take a pic of this and email it to me?

And these’ve really started to stack up! So here are beers 18-23 on my lovely list of 100 new beers! (Sadly, not all my friends have camera phones, so some of the beers have no pic. Alas! One of these days I’m going to get with the times and buy me one of those camera phones….)

#18: Midas Touch Golden Elixer Spice Beer w/muscat grapes Dogfish Head

This one I actually drank alone. I was meeting a friend at a pub, and I thought she was 20 minutes late and I, as usual, had arrived 20 minutes early. During the 40 minutes I sat there I nursed this AMAZING beer, only to realize I was in the wrong restaurant and my friend was waiting for me (correctly) next door! (Sorry ’bout that Casey :)) So I went over the the right bar, Gestalt, and had a:

#19 Hennepin Belgium white beer

A few weeks ago, I had a great night of (classic combination) Burritos and Hex Hex with Josh, Casey, Sam and Michael. That’s were I clocked in #’s 20-22:

#20 Westmalle Abbey Tripel

#21 Widmer Brothers Nelson Imperial IPA & #22 Hoegaarden Hefeweizen

Yup, that was a good night.


Finally we have # 23: Scrimshaw Pilsner

Thanks, Jason, for this particular beer run 🙂

For my next beer installment I’m thinking of doing a few “beer recipes.” (Drinks with beer in them, or beer milkshakes!) If you’ve got any favorites, send ’em my way!

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