Beers #15, 16 and 17: Toronado Edition

If you live in SF and you like beer, and you haven’t been to Toronado in the lower haight, you are seriously missing out.

Toronado is a beer lover’s paradise. Their menu is gigantic and constantly rotating… basically it’s a craft beer mecca. Last night Michael and I met up with our friend Christopher who was visiting SF from his home up in the mountains. (Little known fact: Christopher and I first met at Toronado six years ago. My, how time flies…)

I was in a particularly festive, holiday mood, so for beer #15 I decided to order the Gingerbread Ale from Bison Brewing:

Bison's Gingerbread Ale

It was DELICIOUS. Porters and stouts always hit the spot on these cold winter nights. As Christopher noted, the gingerbread flavor of the beer wasn’t overpowering in a way that some flavored beers can be. The gingerbread-ness wasn’t just sitting on top of the beer flavor, it was incorporated into the beer. I like this beer so much I might just go buy a six pack. Not to mention, I found a butternut squash soup recipe that calls for this beer specifically. I know what I’m cooking on my vacation!

Beer #16 was Michael’s choice. Always a San Francisco brew loyalist, and Anchor Steam specifically, he ordered Anchor Steam’s Christmas Ale:

Anchor Steam Christmas Ale

Anchor Steam keeps the recipe top secret (as you can see in this video commercial thingy for it). The beer is dark, rich, spicy and just slightly more bitter than my Gingerbread Ale. I liked it, Michael loved it.

Beer #17 was Christopher’s choice. He went with a Pilsner from Radeberger, a nice light German pilsner:

Radeberger Pils

I never pick out Pilsners myself because I find them too light. But this one had a sweet freshness to it that I rather enjoyed. It was slightly effervescent which, I think, added to it’s appeal.

So there you have it. I’ve got a near two week vacation coming up and I can only imagine I’ll get to do some damage on this list of mine. If you guys have any winter ales to recommend, I’d love to hear them! Until next time…

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2 Responses to Beers #15, 16 and 17: Toronado Edition

  1. Ooo that looks so fun!! I can’t believe I’ve never been. Have a fabulous 2 week vacation!! We should definitely connect later in Jan/early feb! ❤

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