Getting my health in order: Stress reduction

The last few weeks have been a freaking whirlwind of emotions. Very good emotions, very stressful emotions, and everything in between. My mind has been on such over-drive, I’ve lost nine pounds in a very short time for no apparent reason other than being stressed out.

That whirlwind has died down, and now I’ve been in bed for two days– sick as a dog. This used to happen to me after finals in college. I’d be running around for a week stressed out of my mind and then as soon as I took the finals I’d be sick for a week. Every single semester, without fail.

You guys know that I’ve been working on getting my health in order, but this most recent bout has shown me that getting healthy isn’t just about the body. It’s about the mind too. I can’t only eat right and exercise and expect that to be enough. Clearly, because that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m still sick. I need to figure out how to calm my mind and not let stress wear me down.

I’ve never tried to get a hold of my stress before, so I’m not really sure where to start. Michael likes doing yoga and suggested it might help me on this quest to quiet my mind and get healthy. I’ve never liked yoga, but right now I’m pretty willing to try anything.

What have you guys done to help with your stress?

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5 Responses to Getting my health in order: Stress reduction

  1. Deb says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering, Christina. Here’s my general recipe for stress & depression:
    1. Deep breathing – The most stress relieving part of yoga is the breathing exercises, which work wonders. Without reading up on it, you can just practice fully inhaling & fully exhaling in a slow controlled manner –
    2. Reduce your intake of negativity – News (especially), others’ dramas, harsh movies, etc.
    3. Increase your intake of humor – I like to watch Doris Day movies. “Pillow Talk” is a really good one. Doris plays an interior decorator –
    4. Do something frivolous – like color with a 64 pack of crayons or knit without making anything – search: mandala coloring pages printable
    5. Pamper yourself – take a bath, curl your hair, moisturize, etc.
    6. Enjoy nature – I like to take a walk in the woods, and realized that the trees have stood there through all the dramas of humankind, and are still living peacefully (Muir Woods is good). I also like to take a scenic drive towards the west, where I see trees, rolling hills & cows.
    7. Accept that you are only human, not Wonder Woman, even though you wish you were (I have a hard time with this one).
    8. Remember my motto: “If you can’t make yourself feel better, make someone else feel better” This comes down to random acts of kindness, no matter how small.

    • spiralcma says:

      Thanks Deb! Just reading all that made me feel more peaceful. I like the idea of the trees having seen and been through all the human drama yet still stand peacefully. It puts things into perspective. Thank you for your insights 🙂

  2. BARB RUTNER says:

    Deb offered some great ideas! My favorite is walking or hiking in nature (sometimes with Deb), away from houses and traffic (and without music plugged into my ears). Just being with ourselves in silence seems to be a lost art. Here’s the meditation I used when I was a corporate CEO:
    “I am filled with confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, clarity and calm. The wisdom and knowledge of the Universe are mine and God (or Spirit) will take care of everything.” I used to set the timer each morning and say this over and over to myself for 20 min. I swear it got me through some huge challenges! Grandma loves you. 🙂

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