The List, Hibernation, and the Seasons

Some people’s fuel in life comes from a sense of duty.  Some people’s fuel comes from the need to succeed. I’ve always felt like my fuel in life is purely inspiration. I rarely do things because I should, or because it’s the right thing to do to get ahead in life. I think I only ever do things because I feel that magic spark of curiosity and motivation. That’s where this blog came from, and half of what’s on the list as well.

But right now? I have zero inspiration. I’m not sad, or meloncholy, or anything like that. It’s just, well, there was a certain fervor I felt in my bones in the spring-time and the summer-time that drove me to do crazy awesome things. I’m on the other side of those seasons, and I feel like hibernating instead. My joys right now come from reading in a comfy chair. Or cooking a new recipe. They are subtle joys, but joys nonetheless. It’s… mellow. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Mellow and content. I don’t have a feverish drive to Test My Limits! or Reach Amazing Goals! I feel like sitting in my house, playing board games and having late night dinner conversations about OWS, sipping wine and cuddling.

So, where does my blog fit into that? I love continuing on this life-list path, and I don’t think I need to stop because I am in this winter-y hibernation headspace.

Here are some new Life List Items I’m going to try to set my sights on for this fall/winter:

* Make candles in old pretty tins.

* Learn one of my russian grandmother’s recipes.

* Frame the prints I buy, like an adult would do. (I have a print now just waiting to be framed, and I can’t wait to show you guys what it is!)

* Read all the Harry Potter books in a row.

* Visit every state in the US (I think I can add maybe one state this winter, as a rainy road trip sounds so nice and relaxing….)

Of course I’ll continue on my 100 Beers Challenge, and also Get my Health in Order (even though they seem contradictory, one beer a week can’t hurt anyone, right?) Another life list item might pop up over the cold months, who knows. Then, when the rain goes away and the sun comes out again in those early moments of spring-time, I’m going to take up running that track again. My health should be in order by then and I’ll be ready to take on the world. Until then, it’s all about the hibernation small joys.

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One Response to The List, Hibernation, and the Seasons

  1. BARB RUTNER says:

    I feel it too. Grandpa and I just returned from too much breakfast at our favorite (maybe twice a year) greasy spoon and now we’re both ready for a nap! 🙂

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