Scrapbooking for realz

One of my life list entries is to “Never stop doing my scrapbooks.” A little while ago, I decided to update my scrapbooking method and instead of making one with my hands by actually taping in printed pictures, I was going to start making coffee table books printed professionally from my digital prints. I was super stoked about it. Funnily, though, in the same post that I announced this scrapbooking 2.0 development, I also wrote about being a technophobe. It was unrelated in the post, but now I see it might have been a subconcious defense against actually doing my scrapbooks in a new way.

So. I tried. But doing the coffee table books just doesn’t leave me enough room for creativity. Coffee table books are for professional photos. Me? I didn’t realize it before, but I need to be able to scribble “Hahaha!” next to pictures, tape in little leaves I find on emotionally important hikes, doodle, put in horrible quality photos that are sentimental anyway… you get the idea. Sticking tape to my fingers and making a mess of the living room while listening to my favorite music fills such a happy place in my heart. It beats staring at a computer screen and clicking the mouse and resizing and whatnot for two hours. I do enough of that in my life as it is. Doing the scrapbooking my “old way” is so worth taking the extra steps and printing out my digital photos. Utterly worth it.

So over the past week I have worked my way through the past two years that had yet to be documented. This was my sunday morning:

Yessss. This is bliss.

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