Running still rocking

Hey y’all. Quick update. I’m just about to head out the door to do the final run in week 5 of 13. I’m feeling so great about it. Everyday has been a success because I’m looking for progress (not perfection.) I can feel my body getting better at running, things have stopped hurting, my breathing is coming easier, and I’m relaxing a bit more. It’s feeling really great, and I’m still on schedule to run a 5k this fall. Stoked.

New blog feature! On the right hand side of the screen here, there is a “categories” drop down menu. Here you can choose a category, 5k for example, and then see only the blog posts on that life list category. Super duper!

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One Response to Running still rocking

  1. Kristen says:

    Come do the Moo Cow Moo race in Petaluma with me! It’s in September, a 5K!

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