Beer #3 – Lost and Found

Well this week has been all sorts of fail. But one thing that never fails me? A nice, beautiful belgian ale.

I had beer #3 (of trying 100 new beers) at a gastropub in the mission called The Monk’s Kettle.  It’s known for it’s wide and impressive variety of beers (and also it’s delicious fancy pub food). I’d been trying to go there for ages but it’s so popular that the two times I went they were at capacity and wouldn’t even let me in. Then last week my roommate and good friend Natalie had her birthday gathering there early in the evening, so there was plenty of space.

Still a total beer novice, I was a little overwhelmed at the menu which had at least a hundred different beers. Instead of just randomly pointing at something on the menu, I asked the waitress to bring me a sweet and soft belgian ale. She said she knew exactly the beer for me: Lost and Found by Lost Abbey.

I had heard of it, but never tried it. So I said, sure that would work.

They serve it in a red wine glass, which is what I drink my beer in, regardless of the type, at home. So I was pretty happy with the beer even before I tried it. Can you tell?

Beyond the glass happiness, the beer was just to die for. It was exactly what I had asked for, sweet and soft. The waitress told me there were actually raisins in the recipe for this beer. That’s probably what made it so sweet without tasting sugary.

Lost and Found *might* just be my new favorite beer, but you never know what I could be introduced to next. All I can say is that this is definitely my favorite life list addition! Beer #4, I’m on my way!

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2 Responses to Beer #3 – Lost and Found

  1. Naeem Naseem says:

    This idea and your writing are awesome.!

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