Grrrr! But then, Rarrrr!

As you know, I am training myself to run a 5k. I’ve got a pretty strict regimen of how to train, and I’m a little OCD about doing it exactly by the book.  I’m terrified of getting off track because when I do, I usually stop.

Then today, came the challenge. This morning’s gym trip was just all sorts of wrong.

1. I drove around looking for parking at the gym for 30 minutes. 30.  I had only scheduled myself 15 minutes worth of parking searching, so that was hella annoying.

2. Then, I get to the gym and all but one treadmill is being used and it’s that one that makes really loud noises. Like a loud, long, honking noise every three to five seconds depending on how fast it’s going. I stretched for a little while longer than usual to see if anyone would be getting off their treadmills anytime soon, but nope.

3. So I hop on the honker, pull out my iPod that I really can’t run without anymore, and it’s frozen on pause. I had a vague memory of fixing that one time by pushing two buttons at the same time for a few seconds. I did that with every combination of buttons to no avail. iPod was stuck.

4. Lacking music, this run was going to be hard. But damn it, I’m going to run anyway because I’m here and I have to. So I pull my sweatshirt off, ready to go, and what do I sense? Non-secured boobs. I forgot to put on my sports bra and instead I’m wearing the prettiest, laciest, least-supportive bra I own. I suppose that’s what happens when you get dressed before coffee? So I stood there contemplating. Are all signs pointing me to just throw in the towel on this run? Or should I just go with it so I don’t lose my momentum? I know I can’t go to the gym at any other point today or even tomorrow, so……

Determined to stick to the program, I synched up my bra-straps as tight at they would go, got on the honking treadmill, and ran music-less anyway. I probably aged myself by a few years, but whatevs. I know what happens when I get to the gym and then don’t work out. I feel bad and discouraged and it takes me a while to recover from those feelings.

So after all the tiny little challenges that before I would have seen as a sign from god to leave, I persevered! I’m pretty proud of myself even if my ta-ta’s are a bit unhappy.

Now I’m off to my singing lesson! Rarrrr!

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4 Responses to Grrrr! But then, Rarrrr!

  1. RR says:

    Woo! Persevere!
    Go lady, Go!

  2. Deb says:

    There’s no way I would have persevered past step number 4. Good for you!

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