An update in brief – and a video just for fun

Recital practice: Shit you guys, this has been some hard stuff. I’m not really good at opera yet (obviously, I’ve had like three lessons, ever) and it’s hard to wade through sucking at something. Every week in class I’m working on facing my fears and trying new things with my voice and sounding bad and trying not to get frustrated with myself, and it’s just not easy. I have cried in my last two classes. Not because of any one emotion in particular. But because I just feel so emotional about it in general. I’m facing fears and trying to find confidence in that and my teacher is telling me what i need to fix and what I need to keep and this song is so emotional as it is, that all of it together–I just become a maelstrom of feelings, dammit! So. I’m fighting through, and it’s like therapy. I hate it, but I love it more. And it’s progressing one tiny step at a time.

Running a 5k: Session 1 of 13 is complete. I always want to run more than the one minute at a time that I’m allowed, but I don’t and I’m still sore the next day. So I’m trusting the program and taking it slowly. It’s feeling great and good god I love the track in San Francisco. It’s gorgeous and breezy and perfect. In my next session I get to run more than one minute at a time so, yay.

Beers: I’m currently drinking one now (hence the rambling?) and I’m working on a long post for beers #3, 4 and 5 involving russian wheat, chocolate and coffee. Stay tuned y’all.

Oh, and this is my new favorite song. Especially the end of the song.

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2 Responses to An update in brief – and a video just for fun

  1. RR says:

    this article is about having a small business, but it also just kind of applies to life. xo

    • spiralcma says:

      “The thing about holding back or caving in to fear is that it zaps your passion and kills your art.” Truth.

      Thanks for the article, RR. It’s true for a lot of stuff in life. I might just print it out and refer to it again. xoxoxo

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