Bedroom Seating: Before and After (without buying a thing)

I’m on a constant quest to improve my home. Not because I feel like it needs to be pretty. But because it’s fun, and it gives me a reason to be on craigslist all the time.

One of my life list entries is to Have my home or a creation of mine featured on Apartment Therapy (again). In truth, I really just put this life list entry up to encourage myself to constantly be changing and creating in my house. I love the feeling of change, movement, newness– but I also love the feeling of being at home. So this helps me to keep things fresh. And pretty.

So, down to specifics: My bedroom bay windows. It’s been an awkward place to fill. I want a seating area, but not a couch since there’s already a big bed. I’ve been lazy about it the entire two years I’ve lived here. It’s looked like this:

Yes, that is my mirror, propped up on a pillow. The whole scene is just fugly and boring. I really wanted to fix it up with some nice new furniture, but that’s just not the priority in our household budget right now. But the itch was too strong for me ignore any longer.

Without buying anything new, and just moving stuff around the house, I turned that dead corner into this:

Better, right? It’s still not perfect… I think I might move the table to the other side of the chair. But all in all I think it’s an improvement. Here are some more pics so you can see what it looks like in the room:

This painting I found in the trash at work (how awesome to work in a building full of artists!) :

So yes, my mirror is just on a stack of books. And the whole thing certainly isn’t ready for the stage. But I didn’t buy anything and yet I feel like I have a whole new room. I might do this every season.

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3 Responses to Bedroom Seating: Before and After (without buying a thing)

  1. Terry says:

    Love it! I’m so glad you’re doing this blog! I keep losing the link to your website so Deb keeps me informed. We both love seeing what you do and what you write!

    I’m gonna share some of my “changes” with you too (s0on). And I have one question for you…
    So you love change (me too!) and it’s so fun to move stuff and create new vignettes to see from the hallway or the next room. However….
    hubby HATES change. It bothers him to the core of his being.

    What to do??

    I’ve tried discussing my proposed changes until I get agreement. Takes a year or longer which obviously sabotages my creative momentum!

    I’ve tried doing shit without telling him, only to have my “surprise” bomb or puzzle him or downright frustrate the shit out of him… like when I decided the kitchen plates were better suited to a different cupboard. Jeeze — you’d think I moved his underwear to the attic!! And the man doesn’t even cook!


    Open to your advice oh wise comrade of design and decor appreciation. : )

    Here are a couple of sites I enjoy…
    found this today while looking up how to spell vignette.

    Love and hugs to you and Michael!

  2. Deb says:

    Very nice. Now I see where the paisley pic on your blog came from!

  3. Christina says:

    Wow, good eye Deb!

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