Singin’ all classical-like ‘n stuff.

I started this list to try to get out of my comfort zone. Today, I got what I asked for.

I’ve been in singing lessons the last few months in preparation for this life list entry: Perform something prerehearsed for a live audience.

I’ve been taking the lessons just to grow my voice a little, not knowing exactly when or how the performance part would figure in.

So this morning I go to singing class and my teacher, Chelsea, has an announcement: All of her students are going to learn a classical piece, and will perform it in a recital.

I was, in that instant, stunned. Fight or flight? Fight or flight?! FIGHT OR FLIGHT?!! Should I bail right now? Dive out the door and never return? Or take the very scary chance on it?

I sat for a few moments in silence and let the idea sink in.  The truth is, it is exactly what I wanted.  A pre-rehearsed performance opportunity was being handed right to me. But… I had a different kind of performance in mind. A classical piece is not something I have ever done before, and it is way outside the rhelm of my comfort zone. Way, way, waaaay outside.

Then she asked me, “Do you speak any other languages? The song might be in another language.” DING! The real answer is No, I don’t speak any other languages. But do I sing any other languages? I only have songs memorized in 10 different languages!* And I have always wanted professional guidance on it since I’m positive I could use some help on it. I have never been able to learn how to speak a language, but pronunciation has always been my thing.**

So, I didn’t run out the door never to return. I decided to stay and face the challenge.

For me, this particular comfort zone isn’t really about singing in a new genre. It’s about doing something I’m not great at. I’ve always been one of those “I have to be the bestest out of everybody!!” kind of people.  That can actually be incredibly restrictive because there’s only so many things you can be the bestest at, and then you don’t do anything else.  That gets pretty boring, pretty fast. But I think I’m growing out of it. Some of Chelsea’s students study classical and they’ll have years of training on me. I might not steal the show, but I’ll cross something off my life list, and that comes with it’s own special kind of satisfaction.

We haven’t picked a song yet, and honestly I don’t even know where to begin with that process. But I do know that I am scared. And excited. And nervous. And I’m learning that this is what getting out of your comfort zone feels like. And truth be told, I like it.

*(Spanish, Italian, Swedish, French, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, and Indonesian– incase you were curious.)
** Funny tangent here: When Mike and I were on a nature hike in costa rica, we passed an unfamiliar animal. The tour guide told us the name, which I copied outloud, perfectly. People were laughing at me and I didn’t know why. After a few seconds of complete embarrassment, I realized he had said the animal’s name in English: “a white-nosed coati.” Instead I mimicked him and pronounced it in his very heavy accent, thinking it was in spanish: “awhyyy-nohzz-coati.” It’s hard to write, but there you have it. I didn’t hear the words themselves, just the sounds– but I did it perfectly, damn it! Michael was laughing at me the entire rest of the trip.
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5 Responses to Singin’ all classical-like ‘n stuff.

  1. Rachel says:

    It’s too bad you can’t pick a Disney song or a showtunes song.
    I would pick something from the Little Mermaid if it were allowed.

  2. Christina says:

    Oh man, that would be awesome. Maybe that can be the theme for the school’s next recital. “Up where they stay all day in the suuuuuuun!!”

  3. Deb says:

    I can’t wait to hear what piece you pick!

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