Beer #2: I Drank 45 Million Year Old Beer

My good friend Jason posted on facebook a very exciting discovery he made: there actually existed a beer made with 45 million year old yeast. Scientists had discovered this yeast in the belly of a bee dating back to before the dawn of man. And we could drink this beer, as it is served on tap in only one place, and that happens to be not far from the city.  I said, “Jason, I want to go to there.”

And so we went. Hopped in a car and drove to all the way to Manteca, friends in tow.

2 hours later, we arrived at the bar which ended up being a dark, small town like pub with a little TGIFriday’s feel to it, not at all the spectacular science-y place I was expecting (my imagination is a little too wild for my own good sometimes…). We sat our tushes down and ordered us some Fossil Fuels Wheat Beer.

Michael did the honors:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was nervous to drink the beer. Again with the imagination… but drinking something that had something so old in it was actually kind of spooky. I don’t know what I was expecting to happen to me….start growing reptilian skin or suddenly devolve into a prehistoric bacteria, I don’t know. But I was spooked. It was all very Jurassic Park, and we know how that turned out.

I had a few sips, and damn. I was fine, and it tasted gooooood. It wasn’t the best beer I’ve ever had, but it certainly was the coolest. And it came with a fun road-trip and awesome friends. Who could ask for more?

Yay science!

2 beers down, 98 to go!

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4 Responses to Beer #2: I Drank 45 Million Year Old Beer

  1. Jessica says:

    Of my 146 beers I have drank, none have been that cool-Where exactly is this place?

  2. spiralcma says:

    It’s a place called Kelly’s Brewpub in Manteca, CA. This is their website:
    But fyi – really annoying music comes up when you go to their page! What music isn’t annoying on a website though?

  3. Meshelly says:

    You drove all the way to Manteca and didn’t go to the waterslides? That is all I can remember about the town called ‘butter’ – lol.

  4. spiralcma says:

    What? Water slides?!

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