Beer #1

If you’ll recall, I changed my beer-themed life list entry from finding a favorite beer, to trying 100 new beers. It seemed a bit more logical. So, off on my journey I went!

Here is beer #1: Leffe Blonde.

Sierra, a dear friend of mine from high school, ordered this beer once when we went to The Phoenix together.  I generally admire Sierra’s taste, but I was in a wine phase at the time, so I didn’t try it. Recently I discovered that I’m kinda allergic to wine so I started in on beer. This was one of the first new beer ventures I took, and boy was that a wise decision.

I’m still not really skilled enough in beer to give a full review, but I will tell you this: Leffe is drinkable, light, and sweet.  As opposed to the stouts, which I LOVE, you can have more than one of these and not feel like you just ate an entire german chocolate cake to yourself. Which is how stouts make you feel. Not that I know what eating an entire cake actually feels like, but I can imagine.

Anyway, in my opinion Leffe blonde is crisp without being watery, and light without being bland. It’s sweet and has a deep carmel-y flavor,  and that’s pretty awesome. It’s officially my “bring a six pack to a party” beer.

I highly recommend it.

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