Barrel Aged Brrrbon

Perusing the food blog TheKitchn is something I do on a daily… ok, hourly basis.  As you know, I am searching for the most perfectest christina beer that ever was, and sometimes TheKitchn helps me out with their beer reviews, like today’s: Beer Spotting: Widmer Brothers’ Barrel Aged Brrrbon.

They say that when you sip it you can “honestly taste undertones of oak and the warmth of the Bourbon along with notes of vanilla and caramel.” Um, yes please? Where can I find you oh beautious brrrbon beer? No seriously, where can I find it? Anyone have any ideas? Where do you guys buy fancy beer in SF?
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One Response to Barrel Aged Brrrbon

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m not a big bourbon person and in my pursuit of 200 beers, I’ve had one that also had hints of bourbon. I’m personally more interested in this Cherry Dopplebock Widmer has…

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