The Jungle

One of my life list entries is to “hike through the jungle with my love.”

I figured I would do this when Michael and I were in Costa Rica.  But upon returning I realized I didn’t actually know what a jungle was.  Had I been in a rainforest?  Or a jungle?  Or just a wooded place?  I had no idea.

After searching through the interwebs, I found no definitions between the vague and the over-specific and science-y.  But I think you can safely say that you’re officially in a jungle if you aren’t at the zoo and you hear a gorilla.


Hike through the Jungle with my Love.

Hearing a gorilla roar might have been the highlight.  But seeing a baby and momma sloth was pretty spectacular too.  I was in humidity heaven and Mike was sweating a rainstorm, but we enjoyed it all the same.  Not to mention there was a secluded beach at the end of the hike full of calm blue waters and trees full of monkeys.  Hella romantic?  Totally.  Rediculously amazing?  Yes.  Like, maybe we should never go home kind of amazing.  Alas, we had to be adults about the situation… so we vowed to continue saving and to take a trip next year too.  I am so happy to see Michael inspired to travel.

Once I get the film (<— mistake) from the jungle hike scanned, I will upload them. But until then, here are some digital shots of a non-jungle hike we went on in the north of Costa Rica:

The guide book said it would be a “ 2 hour uphill trek.”  It lied.  I don’t think you can call it a trek if you have to use your arms as much as you have to use your legs to scale a hill of gigantic roots with no path.  Not to mention it took like four hours to get up to hill to the crater-lake.

But man, those water colors.  And that ridiculous sense of accomplishment.  And having the whole lake to ourselves.  It was all worth it.  Journeys are awesome. Thanks for joining me on this one, Michael.  The enthusiasm you have for talking to locals with your high school knowledge of spanish, and insisting we do activities every day made you an awesome travel buddy.  I can’t wait to do it again.

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2 Responses to The Jungle

  1. Jessica says:

    I definitely count that as the jungle. I say that I walked through the jungle in Mexico if the guide told us to get to the far left as a jumping pit viper was on our right and we needed to get past it quickly, as it was very poisonous and the nearest hospital with the necessary medication was an hour away!

    Very cool trek…and I’ve done those type hikes where you use your arms just as much as your legs. I bet you were sore the next day!

    • spiralcma says:

      I viper, WOW!

      I love your blog, btw. It’s awesome to meet other life listers! I might have to steal yours about saying “Drinks on ME!” at a bar. That sounds like it could be kind of amazing.

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