Everything I love in San Francisco: A flickr stream

One of my life list entries is to take a picture of everything I love in San Francisco.

I want to get on this one before life takes me out of the city.  Flipping through my iPhoto, I realized I kinda already started since as a habit, I take pictures of things I love. Sometimes I feel like taking a picture of  something is a way for me to show it that I love it. We take pictures of people we love, right? Same thing I guess.

In order to start this life list entry, I just had to collect all the pictures in one place.

This is where I introduce you to my new flickr stream, or whatever it’s called. I’m hacking my way through the site trying to figure out how it works, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.  I will continuously upload the pics I take around the city of places/people/objects that I love on to the site so all my pics will be in one place.

To see the pics, you can follow this link or look over here, you can click on one of these pics and it will take you to the whole set.    ————->


This doesn’t allow me to cross the entry off the list just yet.  I think the way I will achieve that is once I move out of the city and I feel that my flickr stream adequately reflects my love for the city – then I can cross it off.

And by the way, how awesome is this weather? God I love sunshine.

Much love friends!

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