Visit friends in NYC, check!

You guys. This life list was the best idea EVER.

I finally got to cross something off  my list (besides starting a blog) and it was magnificent.

Here’s the story:

Michael used to have to travel for work. Trade shows. On the return flight of one of these trips last year, the airline overbooked. They asked for volunteers to take a flight like six hours later. Figuring he would be compensated for it somehow, and given that he had nothing to, Michael jumped up at the chance. I think he secretly likes sitting in airport sports bars and reading while drinking, but I’m just guessing here. Anyway — they indeed gave him a Delta Miles voucher for $300 and BAM! We got ourselves a free flight somewhere on the combination of his company’s dime and Michael’s amazing amount of patience.

All year we kept talking about what we should use the voucher on. Nothing quite felt right until this past Christmas. Michael had read my life list and suggested that we use the voucher to go to NYC. Tickets in January are SUPER cheap, and the voucher was going to expire in a month. We were trying to save moolah for our Costa Rica trip at the end of this month (honeymoon Part III) but since we could crash at my friends’ NYC apartment, the trip would be practically free. So off we went! Yay!

And without further ado~~ Trip highlights in pictures:

Homemade meals and wine with friends

The night we arrived, Sierra made us a beautiful salad. We drank rediculously delicious wine, courtesy of the house guest they hosted the week before. Is there anything better than wine and food and catching up with friends?


Walking across the Brooklyn bridge

I felt like Miranda in that scene from that movie. Oh, and Bridget Jones…. and like every other powerful girl walking to work in NYC in every movie, ever. It was stellar. Except for the freezing cold part.


Walking through Central Park

Cliche, right? Yup. But so worth it. It’s beautiful in the snow.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Unbelievably not boring. I loved it and I don’t usually love museums. I could put up fifty pics right now but this one is my favorite:


Sierra and Alex’s apartment

GORGEOUS. And I felt right at home even though I’d never been there before. I didn’t take a pic except for this one:


German Beer

I love beer. Especially when you’re drinking it at an awesome beer place in alphabet city.


Hanging out with my lovelies!

We’ve been friends forever and no matter how long we’re apart, spending time together always feels like home. I can’t wait to visit again!


Traveling with Michael

Sure it was only a few days, but getting on an airplane at 5am together, riding the subway with huge backpacks and all that. It was awesome. ❤


And finally,

This Song

Alex introduced me to it, and I listened to it 17 times on the flight home. How can you resist a song called The Wolf and I? You can’t. So check it.

I’m so glad I made this life list. Going to New York is one of those things that just feels like a big deal and a lot of money and I could have so easily talked myself out of it over time. But, I had a reason to go, even if that reason was self-imposed. Whatevaaahs. It worked.

So thank you Sierra and Alex for hosting us and making it a fantastic trip. This is what life is supposed to be made of, right? Awesome times with good people, making memories and being happy.


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One Response to Visit friends in NYC, check!

  1. Deb says:

    That is awesome!! I love the pics too!

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