Light Source on Apartment Therapy

Judging by the picture, it looks like the DIY lightsource I made a while back is being made by others!

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

This one by the former photo editor of Dwell magazine, Alexis Tjian. She says, “btw, spiralcma, you were my inspiration for the canvas light. so awesome!” Is it silly of me to be totally and utterly flattered?

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2 Responses to Light Source on Apartment Therapy

  1. ka says:

    hey, just popped over here from apw. that light source (and your appearance on at) rules! i would be beyond flattered too. your life list looks awesome! i’m planning on doing one to kick off 2011, and look forward to following your progress.

    (also, do i see a sam smith oatmeal stout below?!… my fiance literally stalks that beer–not so easy to find when not in sf.)

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