Taking Steps

#10 and #22 here we come!

Yay! I’ve officially signed up for a photography class for the spring semester – and voice lessons starting Monday!

Photography is something I’ve always wanted to learn about.  I travel to all these cool places and know all these beautiful people and I must learn how to translate that to pictures. I positively cannot wait.

As for the singing lessons, I’ve never taken them before but in high school I used to sing in a chorus and I was in a few musicals.  I’ve never been trained how to use my voice, or save it for that matter. I’ve been belting away in the house for the past several years, probably causing all sorts of damage to my vocal chords. Singing my future baby to sleep is pretty important to me, so I’m glad I’m taking steps to make sure my voice isn’t irreversibly damaged by then.

I’m sending a big shout out THANK YOU to Sam, my favorite opera singer, for setting me up with the lessons. I knew telling you about this goal of mine was a good idea. You’re awesome!

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