This Ain’t No Path of Least Resistance

After reading and re-reading my list, I’ve decided that a few of the items on the list are too easy. I’m thinking I might be cheating myself out of reaching for the stars, which is the whole point of this thing, right? Aren’t I trying to broaden my horizons and maximize life? Yes. I am. So some of these things are just too…. uninspired.

For example, #22: Do Karaoke and also #10: Take a photography class. I like where these two are headed, but it’s not enough. I can strike those out tomorrow if I wanted. And they would be done instantly without any mind blowing-ness. Would I be broadening my horizons and maximizing life by doing these two items?  Is it really what I want? Or is it the easy part of what I want?

I think I scared myself out of writing down what I really wanted to write down. This needs to be corrected immediately.

So. To start. These two items are officially being upgraded:

#22 is now: Perform something pre-rehearsed for a live audience.

#10 is now: Get paid, at least once, for my photography.

Having that down in print is scary. Both of these make me feel like a poser and a phony and a potential failure.  These both are things that other people do. Professionals.  Not me.  I don’t know how to do either of these things. I don’t know how to take pictures, and I can’t really sing—yet. What I do have is a tiny nugget of talent and bucket full of interest in all of these fields.  SO.  I’m not just going to take ONE photography class.  I’m going to make it my thing.  I’m going to take several classes and intigrate it into my life.  Because in reality, THAT’S what I want in my life.  Not just one class.  Not just one night of Karaoke.  I can do that easy peesy. This will take effort, dedication, time, ego-checking (more on that later), and I will grow from it. Step 1: Find a singing coach and re-train my voice. Step 2: Enter a photography course. Just one class to start, and go from there.

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